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WPBakery, formerly known as Visual Composer, is a popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. It allows users to create custom web page layouts and designs without the need for coding or advanced technical skills. Here are some key features and functionalities of WPBakery:

Drag-and-Drop Interface: WPBakery provides a user-friendly interface where you can easily create and customize web page layouts by dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas. It eliminates the need to write code manually and simplifies the process of building complex page structures.

Frontend and Backend Editing: WPBakery offers both frontend and backend editing modes. You can choose to edit and preview your designs directly on the frontend of your website or use the backend editor within the WordPress admin area.

Pre-Built Elements and Templates: WPBakery includes a wide range of pre-built elements, such as text blocks, images, buttons, sliders, galleries, accordions, and more. These elements can be customized and combined to create unique page layouts. Additionally, WPBakery provides a library of ready-to-use templates that you can import and customize for faster page creation.

Advanced Grid Builder: WPBakery features an advanced grid builder that allows you to create responsive grid layouts for displaying content. You can define the number of columns, adjust spacing, set column widths, and control the behavior of elements on different devices.

Custom CSS and Design Options: WPBakery offers a range of design options and styling settings for each element. You can customize colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, and other visual attributes. Additionally, WPBakery allows you to add custom CSS code to further enhance the appearance and layout of your pages.

Third-Party Add-ons and Compatibility: WPBakery is extensible and supports various third-party add-ons and extensions. These add-ons provide additional elements, templates, and functionality to expand the capabilities of the page builder. WPBakery is also compatible with many WordPress themes and plugins, allowing seamless integration with your existing website setup.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly: WPBakery enables you to create responsive designs that adapt to different screen sizes and devices. You can preview and optimize your pages for mobile, tablet, and desktop displays, ensuring a consistent user experience across all devices.

SEO-Friendly and Performance Optimized: WPBakery generates clean and optimized code, ensuring that your pages are SEO-friendly and load quickly. The plugin follows best practices for performance optimization, helping to improve the speed and performance of your website.

Multilingual and Translation Ready: WPBakery is compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML and Polylang, allowing you to create multilingual websites. It also supports translation-ready features, making it easier to translate your content into different languages.

WPBakery is widely used by WordPress users to create visually appealing and feature-rich web pages without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Whether you're building a simple blog page or a complex website layout, WPBakery provides a flexible and intuitive solution for designing and customizing your WordPress site.