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Nginx (pronounced "engine-x") is a popular open-source web server software that also functions as a reverse proxy server, load balancer, and HTTP cache. It was developed to address the limitations of traditional web servers when handling high-concurrency, low-memory usage, and high-performance requirements.

Originally created by Igor Sysoev in 2004, Nginx has gained significant popularity due to its lightweight and efficient architecture. It is known for its scalability, stability, and ability to handle a large number of simultaneous connections efficiently.

Nginx is often used as a standalone web server to serve static content such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, and media files. It can also act as a reverse proxy server, which means it can receive client requests and distribute them to multiple backend servers, such as application servers or other web servers.

One of the primary use cases for Nginx is as a load balancer. It can distribute incoming client requests across multiple backend servers in a balanced manner, helping to distribute the workload and improve overall system performance and availability.