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Many of us that own websites always wonder what would be the value of our website if we were to sell them today. Some of us may also be seriously trying to establish the value of our websites to sell them either because we are unable to manage them or because we are in need of money. Whatever is the case, it is always a good thing to know what your website is worth.

Number of factors need to be taken into consideration when you try to establish the value of your website. Here are some important factors that go into your website's value consideration.

One of the most important factors that needs to be considered is the number of visitors per day. If your website gets highest visitor traffic or if the daily visits per day is high, then the value of your website will be proportionately high. You may have invested thousands of dollars in creating a graphically stunning website but if its traffic level is very low, you cannot expect a high value for your website.

Secondly, the number of backlinks you have also matters a great deal. If you have been constantly working your website's link building and acquired a lot of back links then your website's online popularity will be high and so will be your website's value.

Thirdly, your website's Google PageRank is of another major factor for consideration. Google which is plays monopoly in the search industry ranks websites using its own trademark ranking algorithm called PageRank. Webmasters lose their night's sleep on increasing their website's page rank. It is not without reason that the entire SEO industry tries to spend so much of money and time on improving their page rank. The higher the PageRank, the greater the value of your website. Website's with good PageRank tend to rank better in the search result's page.

Yet another factors that is important are your website's Alexa rank, social media reputation, page speed.

Websites with many years of history are more valuable than brand new sites. Added to this, your domain name has also a decisive role to play in establishing your website's value. If you have a premium domain, then your website will be worth several thousand dollars.

At HypeStat you can also check where site is hosted, page speed optimization tips, whois report.

If you think it is too much for you to handle, you can hire a professional company that will estimate the value of your website and provide you with a detailed report. However, you will have to pay huge fees to get your website's value estimated. Alternatively, you can use HypeStat.com to get a free estimation of your website's worth and usefull statistics data. This is an absolutely free service that will help you get a highly realistic value of your website.


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Can I remove my site data from hypestat.com?

Yes. Please use our REMOVAL form to remove your site data.

Can I hide WHOIS report?

Yes. Please use our WHOIS HIDE form to hide your site whois data.

Can I hide ESTIMATED DATA (Website Worth, Daily Ads Revenue, Daily Visits, Daily Pageviews)?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with our estimated data for your site, or you don't want these data to be shown for some other reasons, but don't want complete to remove all site data, please use our ESTIMATED DATA HIDE form to hide your Website Worth, Daily Ads Revenue, Daily Visits, Daily Pageviews.

Can I change/remove my name, email, phone from WHOIS report?

We do not change WHOIS data. You have agreed to share this information when you bought your domain name. If you do not want your name and personal details associated with a certain domain, you must change the domain ownership information, or use 'Private Whois' feature at your registrar. Once done, you can update the information here at HypeStat by pressing the 'Update Now' button on your websites report page.
However you can always use our WHOIS HIDE form to hide your site whois data or use REMOVAL form to remove all your site data.

I have problem with REMOVE/HIDE my site data

Just drop an email at support (at) hypestat.com and we will remove/hide your site data manualy.

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