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Visa provides a range of web payment processing solutions that enable businesses to accept online payments securely and conveniently. Here are a few key Visa web payment processing options:

Visa Checkout: Visa Checkout is a digital wallet service provided by Visa. It allows customers to store their payment information securely and make purchases online by simply entering their Visa Checkout username and password. Visa Checkout streamlines the checkout process, reducing friction and improving conversion rates for online merchants.

Visa Direct: Visa Direct is a payment service that facilitates real-time funds transfers directly to Visa cards. It enables businesses to disburse payments, such as refunds or payouts, to customers' Visa cards quickly and securely. Visa Direct can be integrated into websites or mobile applications, providing a seamless payment experience for users.

Visa Token Service (VTS): The Visa Token Service replaces sensitive cardholder information with unique digital identifiers called tokens. This enhances security by reducing the risk of exposure of actual payment card details during online transactions. With VTS, businesses can accept tokenized payments through their web payment processing systems.

Visa Payment Gateway Services: Visa offers payment gateway services that enable businesses to securely process online payments. These services provide the infrastructure and tools necessary to authorize and settle card transactions on the web. Visa partners with various payment gateway providers who offer a range of features such as fraud prevention, recurring billing, and multi-currency support.

Visa Developer APIs: Visa Developer offers a set of APIs that developers can utilize to integrate Visa's payment services into their web applications. These APIs provide functionality for accepting Visa card payments, managing payment data, and accessing additional value-added services. By leveraging the Visa Developer APIs, businesses can create customized web payment processing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

It's important to note that while Visa provides the infrastructure and services for web payment processing, businesses typically work with acquiring banks or payment processors to handle the actual transaction processing and settlement. These partners connect the merchant's website to the Visa network and facilitate the authorization, capture, and settlement of online payments.

If you are interested in implementing Visa web payment processing for your business, I recommend reaching out to a payment service provider or acquiring bank that offers Visa payment processing services. They can guide you through the integration process and help you set up a secure and efficient online payment solution.