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Osano is a privacy compliance platform that helps organizations manage their website's data privacy and ensure compliance with global privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Osano provides a range of tools and services to simplify privacy management and help businesses build trust with their users.

Here are some key features and functionalities of Osano:

Consent Management: Osano offers a consent management solution that allows website owners to obtain and manage user consent for data processing activities. It provides customizable consent banners or pop-ups, allowing users to easily give or withdraw their consent for data collection and tracking.

Cookie Consent: Osano helps organizations manage their use of cookies and comply with cookie consent requirements. It provides a cookie scanner that identifies and categorizes cookies on the website, and enables the implementation of a cookie consent banner that allows users to control their cookie preferences.

Privacy Policy Generator: Osano offers a privacy policy generator that helps businesses create and maintain privacy policies that comply with global privacy regulations. The generator creates customized privacy policies based on the website's data processing activities, helping organizations communicate their data practices clearly to users.

Data Subject Requests: Osano provides tools to handle data subject requests, such as requests for access, rectification, or erasure of personal data. It streamlines the process of managing and responding to these requests, ensuring organizations meet their obligations under privacy regulations.

Data Breach Management: Osano assists organizations in managing data breaches effectively. It provides tools to detect and respond to data breaches, including incident response workflows, breach notification templates, and documentation to help organizations comply with breach notification requirements.

Vendor Risk Assessment: Osano allows businesses to assess the privacy and data protection practices of their third-party vendors. It provides tools to evaluate vendors' compliance with privacy regulations, assess their data handling practices, and manage vendor risk.

Compliance Monitoring and Reporting: Osano offers monitoring and reporting capabilities to help organizations track their privacy compliance efforts. It provides dashboards and analytics to monitor consent rates, cookie usage, and compliance status. It also generates reports that demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations.

Osano aims to simplify privacy compliance for businesses and provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to manage data privacy effectively. By using Osano, organizations can enhance transparency, build user trust, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.