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MariaDB is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that originated as a fork of the MySQL database management system. It was developed by the original creators of MySQL to address some of the limitations and provide additional features.

Here are the key aspects and features of MariaDB:

Compatibility with MySQL: MariaDB is designed to be highly compatible with MySQL, which means that most applications and tools developed for MySQL can work seamlessly with MariaDB without significant modifications. This allows for easy migration from MySQL to MariaDB.

Performance and Scalability: MariaDB includes several performance optimizations and enhancements over MySQL. It offers improved query optimization, multi-threaded execution, faster storage engines (such as XtraDB and Aria), and support for parallel replication. These features contribute to better performance and scalability for high-demand applications.

Storage Engines: MariaDB supports multiple storage engines, including InnoDB (the default engine), Aria, MyRocks, and more. Each engine has its own strengths and is optimized for different use cases, allowing developers to choose the most suitable engine for their specific requirements.

High Availability: MariaDB provides built-in features for high availability, such as master-slave replication and multi-master replication. These features enable database replication and synchronization across multiple nodes, ensuring redundancy and failover capabilities for increased availability.

Security Enhancements: MariaDB offers additional security features compared to MySQL. It includes features such as data-at-rest encryption, authentication plugins (including two-factor authentication), role-based access control (RBAC), and improved password handling. These security enhancements help protect sensitive data stored in the database.

JSON Support: MariaDB provides native support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data type and related functions. This allows for easy storage, retrieval, and manipulation of JSON data within the database, making it well-suited for applications that work with JSON-based data structures.

Community and Ecosystem: MariaDB benefits from an active and growing community of users and contributors. It has a vibrant ecosystem with numerous plugins, tools, and libraries developed by the community. The community-driven development and open-source nature of MariaDB foster innovation and continuous improvement.

MariaDB is commonly used as a drop-in replacement for MySQL in various applications and environments. It is favored by developers seeking an open-source RDBMS with enhanced features, improved performance, and better scalability. Many popular web applications, content management systems, and enterprise solutions are built on top of MariaDB.