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AddThis is a social sharing and content engagement platform that allows website owners to easily integrate social media sharing buttons, follow buttons, and related content recommendations on their websites. It provides tools and services to help website owners increase user engagement, drive social traffic, and enhance the overall user experience.

Key features and functionalities of AddThis include:

Social Sharing Buttons: AddThis offers a variety of social sharing buttons that can be added to website pages, blog posts, or any other content. These buttons allow visitors to easily share the content they find interesting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. The sharing buttons can be customized to match the website's design and branding.

Follow Buttons: With AddThis, website owners can include follow buttons that enable visitors to connect with their social media profiles or subscribe to their newsletters. These buttons encourage users to stay connected with the website owner's updates and engage with their content on various social platforms.

Related Content Recommendations: AddThis provides related content recommendation features that suggest relevant articles or pages to website visitors based on their browsing behavior. This helps increase engagement and keeps users on the website by offering additional content they might find interesting.

Analytics and Insights: AddThis offers analytics and reporting features that provide website owners with insights into how their content is being shared and engaged with on social media. It tracks the number of shares, clicks, and engagements generated by the social sharing buttons, allowing website owners to measure the impact of their content and social media efforts.

Tools for Customization: AddThis provides tools and options for customization, allowing website owners to tailor the appearance and behavior of the sharing buttons and related content recommendations to match their website's design and user experience preferences.

Mobile Optimization: AddThis is mobile-friendly and responsive, ensuring that the sharing buttons and related content recommendations work seamlessly on mobile devices. This allows users to easily share and engage with content while browsing on smartphones or tablets.

Integration and Compatibility: AddThis can be easily integrated into various website platforms and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. It provides plugins and code snippets that simplify the integration process.

International Language Support: AddThis supports multiple languages, allowing website owners to provide localized sharing buttons and related content recommendations based on the visitor's language or location.

AddThis is a widely used platform that helps website owners leverage social media and increase user engagement with their content. By incorporating social sharing buttons, follow buttons, and related content recommendations, website owners can encourage social sharing, grow their social media presence, and provide personalized content recommendations to enhance the overall user experience on their websites.