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1C-Bitrix is a commercial content management system (CMS) and website development framework. It is primarily used for creating and managing websites, online stores, intranets, and other web-based applications. The system was developed by 1C Company, a Russian software development company, and is widely used in Russia and other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

1C-Bitrix provides a range of features and tools for website development and content management. It offers a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and a variety of modules and components that can be integrated into websites. The system supports multi-site functionality, allowing users to manage multiple websites from a single administrative panel.

In addition to content management, 1C-Bitrix includes e-commerce capabilities, such as online catalog management, shopping cart functionality, and payment integration. It also offers customer relationship management (CRM) tools, allowing businesses to manage customer interactions and track sales leads.

1C-Bitrix is known for its robust security features, including protection against common web vulnerabilities and options for user access control. It supports multiple languages and provides localization capabilities for creating websites in different languages.

Overall, 1C-Bitrix is a comprehensive CMS and website development framework that combines content management, e-commerce, and CRM features. It is popular among businesses and organizations in Russia and the CIS region for building and managing their web presence.