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} }); MLM Network Marketing Training Blog - BlogFire from Doug Firebaugh and PassionFire The #1 MLM Network Marketing Training and Success blog from Doug Firebaugh and PassionFire. MLM trainings on Success, Leadership, Home Business, as well as commentary about current trends, and personal thoughts on self development. Ignite the PASSION in your life and Future and live life the way it is supposed to be! Sunday, March 04, 2007 MLM Network Marketing Training- Start. Just Start. MLM Network Marketing Training- Start. Just Start.by Doug Firebaugh"Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are....."Theodore RooseveltStart.Just start.Nike says it..."Just Do It!"We say Just Start!Doesn't matter if you do not have all the education, training, tools or manuals.Doesn't matter if timing isn't perfect.Doesn't matter if you are not in the perfect place -do what your heart burns for and has dream forwhether massive success...or massive lifestyle.Start. Now.The least known people in the world who got started now are millionaires/billionaires.Steve Jobs.He started Apple Computer -totally onderfunded...understaffed...misunderstood.But he got underway.....He Started.Bill Gates.He started. Well...you know....that Seattle company....he started in a dorm room...with no money...and only one gear...OverDrive. And his drive is what got him over...the tough spots...He Started.Michael Jordan.He started....and was stopped several times...but he kept starting over...and over..and well....you know..He did pretty good....Boy did He Start!And the list is endless.All great Successes have one thing in common:A Starting point.An Ignition. A Spark. A first step.What are you not starting? And why aren't you?Fear? Doubt? Lack of Self Esteem? Lack of Knowledge?Bad Parents? Bad Childhood? Bad hair Day?No Money? No Time? No Credit? No help? No education? ?No Way?All the "Pat" excuses that everyone accepts as a "reasonable" factor not to do anything?***Who sold us on that gem?***There is no "Reasonable" with Creating Massive Success.Only the "Unreasonable" create new destinies for their life...and thousands of others.....and change becomes their mantra.SuccessPassion SECRET:Reasonable is staying put. Unreasonable is Starting Power.There are No excuses for not starting.You wanna know what Start stands for?"Success That Always Reveals(a)Trail."That's why you need to Start.The trail will not walk itself.What's the VERY FIRST THING you need to do to createyour dream and Passion in your Life?Write it down.Break it down into the 3-4 tasks required to complete it.See it on the Movie Screen in your Mind as Successful.Review it and Rehearse it on your "Screen" over and over.Get 2 pieces of paper -on one - write all the reasons you cannot do this.On the the other piece, write all the reasons you MUST do this.Tear one of them up.And if you chose the reasons you MUST.Start. Just Start.There's where the Success Magic is....Being Unreasonable.blessings...doug firebaugh(c) 2007/all rights reservedMLM Success TrainingChristian Success Training posted by Doug Firebaugh at 12:20 PM | 5 comments Saturday, September 09, 2006 MLM Training- The Heart and The Heat MLM Training-The Heart and The Heatby Doug FirebaughToday I was looking at the lake where we have a lake place, and I started thinking about Network marketing and why people struggle with it.Just does not make sense to me. It seems so easy. All you do is talk to people about what they want in life and how to get it.But yet, people seem to struggle all the time with this business model.And I remember what my mentor said to me on time."Doug, sometimes, you just have to understand that the secret of Success is Heart and Heat. You MUST put your whole Heart in it, and then turn up the Heat of Desire with little baby Successes along the way everyday. It is the little successes combined that create the huge wins in MLM. If you do this, you will find your business moving so much quicker, bigger, and easier."Heart and Heat.For MLM, those words are gold.You gotta release the Power of the Heart, and Fire of the Heart at the same time.If you, do, you will find your Success Impact on your prospects literally explode your magnetism, and your Results!blessings....doughttp://www.passionfire.comMLM Success Training posted by Doug Firebaugh at 3:45 PM | 17 comments Friday, January 20, 2006 MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Success Secrets to Powerful 3 Way Calls MLM Training- The Success Secrets of Powerful Three Way CallingBy Doug FirebaughThree way calling! Three way calling! You gotta do three way calling in MLM!You may be wondering what all the talk is about concerning three way calling in MLM and Network marketing.. Good point! You need to have an understanding of what it is, and basics of doing it. It is an effective way to do this business and very cost effective as well.Understand….once you have contacted your friends and family , you need to do what is called a three way call with them, with your MLM sponsor on the line. This will do three things:1)Build credibility. 2)Validate you and the product. 3)Help train you as you listen to your sponsor talk to your Network Marketing prospect.What is 3-way calling in MLM?It is a technology and a tool available from your local phone company that allows 3 people to talk to each other on the phone. We use it in Network Marketing to train, validate, and help you “earn while you learn.” Let your sponsor in the MLM company you are in walk you through. They are there to help you and guide you in the early stages of your business. Contact your telephone company to install it on your line. It runs about 5.00 a month.How do you do a three way call?It is as simple as 1-2-3.You call your sponsor, and give them a short background on the prospect, (name, age, occupation etc) and then press the “flash” button on your phone, or the receiver button, and then dial the number of your friend, and then when it starts ringing, press the “flash” button again, and you will have both parties on the line.A three way call is broken down into three parts:1.) “Introduction”This is where you introduce your sponsor to your prospect:* Do not let them carry on a conversation with you first, and then tell them someone is on the line…it is embarrassing to everyone!Have I caught you at a good time? Great! I have a friend/ associate/expert/partner/ -Mary- on the line who is an expert with this product and company, and I was telling her about you, and she wanted to meet you…Mary, are you there?Stay quiet and listen to your sponsor.2) “The Expert” - your sponsor or upline who is calling with you.During the call, your sponsor will reaffirm what you have told them. And also validate you. There are many different ways to do three ways, but always ask questions about the prospect, and show you are INTERESTED IN THEM! Your sponsor will also help get your prospect to the next event, and also say something about you as a serious player in this business-(and if you are doing three ways –you ARE!)3) “The Summary” or Next Move.This will be to summarize what has been agreed to by the prospect, and also to thank them for their time and how forward you are looking to see them.Lisa, I am so excited about you meeting Mary tomorrow night, and I know that you will enjoy our get together! See you tomorrow night!Practice with your sponsor over and over, and get three ways down. Network Marketing is driven by three ways, and it is the most powerful tool there is for third party validation, and recruiting.The secret to a powerful three way in MLM?ROLE PLAY-ROLE PLAY-ROLE PLAY.Get your new distributor and make sure they practice, drill, rehearse three ways. The more that they do, the better they will become.Three ways are the secret to massive Success in MLM and Network marketing.blessings...doug(c) 2006/all rights reservedThe MLM Success Training CenterThe Millionaire Road Wealth TrainingChristian MLM training posted by Doug Firebaugh at 9:06 PM | 102 comments Friday, December 30, 2005 MLM Network Marketing Training- Moving from Motivation to MotiveInvasion(tm) in 2006! Success Training Secrets- Moving from Success Motivation to MotiveInvasion in 2006! ™By Doug FirebaughMotive.What a great word that most people rarely use. It is a powerful word that runs our lives daily, and it definitely one of the greatest secrets of Success in the world. But yet, people have a tendency to ignore it, and focus on other things in their life, and miss the power of the Motive in their heart which could bring to them their life dreams for Success.Motive is the CORE reason someone does something. It is the Essence of Action, and the Foundation of Force. It contains many things that can inspire and motivate us, if we let it. But it seems that we often miss the TRUE Motive for any Success in life.The word Motivation is actually two words, as we say in WildFire Success- Motive Action. That is what TRUE Success Motivation is. It is your True “Motive In Action” and engaged in the Success process.But many folks, like myself, had an invasion of the heart and mind. It was an invasion of the mediocre mentality that turned our Motivation, to Excuse-ation and our excuses became our motive to do nothing with our life. Many folks run their lives by excuses, not excellence, and ends up in the pit of average with everyone else that has the same problem. Truly it was an invasion of the worst kind.Their once focused world of dreams, aspirations, and hope, was silently invaded by an army of Can’t do it commandos, Won’t work wingmen, Never last Navy, It’s Impossible Privates, and Give it up grenade throwers. And from that lack and fear based force, they tore apart, word by word, piece by piece, day by day, thought by thought, the dreams that you once held deep in your heart, and was once your motive for a better life and future.Here is the Million Dollar Question:Are you going to let them still remain as an invasion force of mediocrity in your world, or are you going to take back what is rightfully yours, your Success dreams, and aspirations?You need what I call a MotiveInvasion! ™ It is Motivation that has invaded your heart, life, and dreams again, and taken back what is yours and what you long for in your life! THE Motive that you have always wanted for your life! And it is time in 2006 that you decided that the insurgents in your life that have been keeping your dreams hostage, were overrun with an Army of Actions that created the Victory in your life you deserve!Here is how you plan a Special Ops Team “MotiveInvasion:” You need to go to the WAR Room in your mind and ask some serious Success questions. (WAR stands for Winning Again Repeatedly.)1) What is the single most important thing you want to happen in 2006 more than anything else in your life? Write it down.2) If you obtain that, what would the three biggest rewards, benefits, or changes that would occur in your life?3) If those changes did occur, what would happen to your 2006?4) Do you honestly believe it is possible to obtain it in 2006?5) What is the VERY FIRST THING you need to do to take the first step towards that happening?6) What is the second step? The third step? The fourth step? Etc.7) When do you begin the Invasion with the Special Ops Success Force?That is how you move from used to have motivation, to an OnFIRE MotiveInvasion! You let the Motive that is deep in your heart become your Success driver and invade your negative thoughts and expectations with a radical Success “it’s a done deal” Strike force of thoughts. Success Nugget:That motive deep inside is whatever you want to see enlarged, expanded, increased, enhanced, or empowered in your life in 2006.It is time to call up the Troops of Thought that will start overtaking any area in your mind that has gone negative and doubtful You have incredible potential inside of you, and most of our potential was overrun with other people’s army of excuses and negative beliefs. It is time for that to stop dominating your life and let the invasion of your Success motive become your focus and dream once more.Start right now with a MotiveInvasion of Success and a dream that you will no longer let lie dormant. It’s time to se ti onFire with The Flame of Possibility and the Heat of Hope.That will start an Invasion of Thinking and Actions that will eventually lead to a Life of Victory, High Achievement, and Radical, undeniable Success!Blessings…dougSuccess Training CenterThe SuccessChurch Training Center posted by Doug Firebaugh at 1:29 PM | 52 comments Wednesday, December 21, 2005 MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Secrets for a SCORCHING Success in 2006 MLM Training- MLM Secrets for a SCORCHING Success in 2006!by Doug FirebaughHappy New year.You will hear that many times over the next few weeks, and it is a sign that new beginnings are at hand, and many people are looking at doing better in 2006, and enlarging their MLM business and paycheck in network Marketing.Are you planning on doing that?Here is a better question:Are you GOING TO DO THAT?In 2006, you will need to be honest with yourself, and do what we always did. We called it a “Success Audit.” This is a New Years exercise that proved to be very valuable in our MLM Network Marketing business. When you are building a home based business, you need to understand where you were in 2005, and where you are going in 2006.We developed some Success questions that helped keep our focus where it needed to be, and continue our growth and development of our MLM business and ourselves.Here are the questions, and I would encourage you to look at them, and answer them honestly. These may reveal to you what you need to work on in 2006, and what to repeat as that worked well last year.1) What was your greatest strength in 2005 in your MLM business? Why?This could be your greatest skill, what you found most effective. It could be talking to people, leadership, hosting events, doing conference calls, etc. What in your opinion was the strongest part of your network marketing business in 2006?2) What was your greatest weakness in 2005 in your Network marketing business? Why?This could be the one thing that did not work so well, and you have to work on it. What do you feel was the biggest weakness in your business last year? Identify this, and then go to work on improving it. You will be glad you did.3) What one skill set did you improve the most in 2005?This is what you truly worked on and became better at in 2005. It may be leadership, training, recruiting, doing presentations, or many other things. It could also be being consistent, being disciplined, etc. This is worth celebrating, as you moved forward in personal development and Success in 2005.4) In 2006, what is the one thing you are going to focus on and improve about your MLM home based business?This is your “Success Priority.” This is the ONE THING in 2006 that will improve and enlarge your network Marketing business more than anything. What is the NUMBER ONE priority that MUST be improved in your business? More downline activity? Better leadership? Better Communication? Better Training? More people talked to on a daily basis? The list could be long, but for you, it is only one thing. What would that be?Think…what would that one thing be?5) What is the ONE THING that you are going to improve and enlarge about yourself in 2006?This is a BIGGIE! You need to set Personal Development goals for 2006, and you must identify the one goal for self development that you need to work on. It could be simply that you will take 15 minutes a day and read or listen to Success materials that will build you and help enlarge who you are on the inside. We all need to do that! It could be getting a planner and keeping yourself organized and motivated. It could simply to talk to more successful people in 2006 and learn from them. 6) Did you and your group talk to enough people in 2005? Did you hit your goal as far as new contacts?Better yet, did you set a goal for new contacts? You need to set a daily goal for new contacts for everyone, and it should be a MINIMUM of 2 new contacts a day. This will give you at least a flow of new people that are looking at your products or MLM business. Your New Contacts goal is KEY to new growth in 2006.7) What is your Volume Increase Goal for 2006?This is a MUST. If you do not have a growth goal for volume, personal and team, then how can you hit it? You need to set a goal for at least 8% growth a month. If you do, you will double your network marketing business in 2006! Will that excite you? We did that for 7 years in a row! It was planned, and executed with discipline and focus.There are three Major areas that we all need to focus on in 2006 for better and bigger results in 2006:INPUT.What goes into your mind on a daily basis, comes out into your life on an hourly basis. What kind of INPUT will be dominating your mind and thinking in 2006? What will be influencing it? Who will be influencing it? Why will you allow that to happen in your MLM Home Based business?OUTPUT.What is going to determine your OUTPUT this year? Is it going to be what dominated it last year, or is it going to be different actions and thinking? Is it going to be bigger goals and targets, or are you going to fly by the seat of your pants as many network marketers do? Planned activity accelerates Success. Will you allow that for 2006?NO PUT.What are you going to do with the NO’s that you get in 2006 and where are you going to out them? In your heart, or in the garbage? Most people are affected by them, and they become an anchor on the spirit and emotions. You need to put the No’s where they belong- in the delete files in your mind. INFERNO Secret:No’s are simply stepping stones to YES for your network marketing business. Put the No’s down, and keep searching for the yeses. Success is NOT built on the word YES in network Marketing, but the word NO. No will GROW YOU, ENLARGE YOU.INFERNO Secret:In 2006, you MUST GROW PAST THE NO.If you do, then the Yeses you will get will EXPLODE in 2006 with your MLM and Network Marketing business.Blessings….doug© 2005/ PFI - all rights reserved/ PassionFire IntlNetwork Marketing Success CenterMLM Training Blog-BlogFireSubscriobe to the MLM Success HEAT Training newsletter posted by Doug Firebaugh at 10:09 PM | 43 comments Wednesday, December 07, 2005 MLM Network Marketing Training- Secrets to MLM Success during the Holidays- part 1 Network Marketing Training-Secrets to MLM Success during the Holidays-Part 1by Doug FirebaughThe Holidays.Sometimes, in MLM and network marketing, it sees when you say those words, network marketers shut down. They simply think that they will start again January 1, and kick it into gear. Network Marketing during the holidays does not exist, and they slow down to a crawl.Who in the world sold you on that?That is simply a dumb thing to do.Yes, during the holidays, people are busy, and people are going places, shopping, and do not want to think about a home based business many times. But it's because of the focus of ther networker. Many mlm distributors do not know how to work this business and hold conversations during the holiays. Your focus must be different than any other time of the year.It takes a little finesse.And you still have many things going for you that will work totally in your favor,and help kick your mlm business into gear the first of the year.What 2 things are working in your favor during the holidays that makes it easy to create success in your Network marketing business?1) People are in the Holiday Emotion.Many folks are in the emotion of sentimental memories. They are remembering past Holdays and their favorite Christmas. They are thinking about the smell of pie and turkey. They are remembering their childhood. They are thinking of parents long past. And many are thinking about the Birth of Christ.How can you move people to a real powerful emotion that draws them to you?Ask this:"What is your favorite holiday memory? Tell me about it."People really will think about this, and then will give you their answer. And many times they get excited just thinking about it.Why would you ask them this? To open them up, and let the emotion of the Holidays flow, and draw them towards you. This simply will create an opening to talk to them after the first of the year."I would love to chat with you the first of the year. I could really use some help on something."This simply will open the door to ask for their help in locating some talent for your business or customers that can benefit form your products.2) People are in the Holiday Focus.People are focused on many things during this time of the year. One focus is CHANGE.People are looking to change things more than any other time of the year.People are focused on EXPECTATION.They are expecting and anticipating a great holiday season, and also a better new year. Talk to them about the change you can offer in their life. But set a time that is convenient for them.People are focused on SHOPPING.There is no better place to meet people than Holiday shopping.Talk to them about their children.Compliment their children.Ask them about their plans for the holidays.Ask if you can help someone who is struggling with bags of gifts.Talk to people about the crowds in the malls.Talk to people about the prices of goods today.Ask people for their opinion on something you are thinking about buying. Shopping is a great way for men and women to meet folks who are out and about. Especially in toy stores and books stores. These are great places to meet folks who have kids, and are readers. Readers and parents are great MLM prospects. And retail clerks who are tired and harried are great prospects to talk to about changing things in 2006. "Is next year going to be like this year for you working in this retail zoo? Do the crowds get to you sometimes? Here is my card. You deserve better than this. You have an incredible personality. Would love to chat sometime about getting you out of here."MLM Success during the holidays is easy and quite fun, if you let it be. But you must keep your "radar" on to talk to folks and to help anyone who looks like they could need a hand."May I give you a hand with that? Here let me help. My name is doug, what's yours?"The holiday season is a great time for CONNECTION.Connect with new people to make new friends and to hold new conversations about the future and 2006.What a way to start the new year- with 12 new friends that want to help you in your MLM and Network Marketing business!blessings...doug(c) 2005/all rights reserved-PFIMLM Success ResourcesMLM Training Blog- BlogFireMLM Success HEAT Training newsletter posted by Doug Firebaugh at 9:27 PM | 25 comments Tuesday, November 29, 2005 MLM Network Marketing Training- Doug Firebaugh LIVE in Denver Colorado Dec 10th MLM Network Marketing Training - Doug Firebaugh in Denver, Colorado LIVE - Rocky MountainFire Weekend, December 10th, 2005Doug and Jodi Firebaugh of PassionFire Intl will be in Denver Colorado doing a Live Inferno Tour Training, December 10th, 2005, with Special Guest Trainer Tom Chenault.Birmingham, MI (PRWEB) November 27, 2005 -- Doug and Jodi Firebaugh of PassionFire International officially announce a one day-LIVE Holiday MLM Training weekend in Denver, Colorado called Rocky MountainFire with special guest, Tom Chenault.There will be trainings on all aspects of Network Marketing and MLM Home Business Success. There will also be a special "Holiday Training" segment on how to enlarge dramatically your business during the holidays.There will be special Holiday Gifts for all those who attend as well!Doug Firebaugh, CEO of PassionFire International, when interviewed said, "We are looking forward to coming to Denver, and setting that city onfire! And with guest Tom Chenault, there should be a ton of training nuggets that people can take back to use in their business. It will be the most Success Intensive seminar that attendees have ever attended with literally hundreds of training strategies and concepts given in one day."Firebaugh went on to say, "It will be at the Hotel Denver Tech, from 9 am to 5:30 pm, with a dinner following that attendees will be receiving a very special training gift. The other tour dates have been packed, and Jodi and I are blessed to be going to Denver for the Rocky MountainFire Weekend."Tom Chenault, of the Home Base Business Radio Show, says, "There is not another seminar out in the industry like this. You normally would pay hundreds of dollars for this quality of training. Totally unique and fresh. And I look forward to speaking and training in a power packed weekend that will change anybody that walks through the door. It is the must attend seminar of 2005."The cost for the entire event is only $49.95. Pre-register for the Inferno Tour online, or by fax. Sign up forms - fax or online- are available on the passionfire.com website.Tom Kiselak of New York, one of the seminar attendees, when interviewed, said, "Profound and brilliant. Those are the only 2 words that describe this Inferno tour when I attended, and I am going to Denver to get another dose! This type on information simply is not taught in the industry. And my check the following week went up $4000.00 by simply doing only a couple of the hundreds of things I learned at the Inferno tour seminar. The results from other attendees have been as dramatic as well. It's amazing."Co-sponsors of this event are NetworkingTimes Journal, and Cutting Edge Media.For additional information go to:http://www.passionfire.comAbout Doug Firebaugh of PassionFire International- Doug Firebaugh has spent 22 years in the Direct Marketing industry, including 13 years fulltime leading a team, and the last 8 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success, Leadership, and How To Succeed in MLM and a Home Business.Contact InformationDoug FirebaughPassionFire International (tm)248.645.9818http://www.passionfire.com# # # posted by Doug Firebaugh at 9:49 PM | 4 comments Previous Posts MLM Network Marketing Training- Start. Just Start. MLM Training- The Heart and The Heat MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Success Secret... MLM Network Marketing Training- Moving from Motiva... MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Secrets for a ... MLM Network Marketing Training- Secrets to MLM Suc... MLM Network Marketing Training- Doug Firebaugh LIV... MLM Network Marketing Training- Secrets to MLM Suc... MLM Network Marketing Training- Secrets to MLM Rec... MLM Marketing Training- The 5 Secrets of Power MLM... Archives May 2005 June 2005 July 2005 August 2005 September 2005 November 2005 December 2005 January 2006 September 2006 March 2007 About Me Name: Doug Firebaugh Location: Birmingham, Michigan, United States View my complete profile  
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