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USGS.gov | Science for a changing world
Scientific agency for natural sciences, including earth science and biology. Extensive information on U.S. water, biological, energy, and mineral resources, USGS programs, and natural disasters and hazards.
We provide science about the natural hazards that threaten lives and livelihoods; the water, energy, minerals, and other natural resources we rely on; the health of our ecosystems and environment; and the impacts of climate and land-use change. Our scientists develop new methods and tools to supply timely, relevant, and useful information about the Earth and its processes.
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Muslim Aid Donations 2020 | Muslim Aid
International relief and development organisation, working in partnership with local community-based groups. Includes information on projects, programmes, and their structure.
Make your donation count for 2020 by donating with Muslim Aid. Choose from a number of our appeals such as Feed the Fasting, Syria Emergency or Gaza Water Appeal. Donate online today.
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Virgin Mary's End Times Prophecies
Information pertaining to the apparitions of Our Lady of the Roses and Jesus to the seer Veronica Lueken.
These Last Days Ministries presents Bayside End Times Prophecies of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers and Jesus to the world through the Seer Veronica Lueken.
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Storm weather chasing storms chaser stock DVD DVDs video pictures photos photographs storm chaser storm chasers Severe Weather Pictures storms Photos Tours Australia Tornado Chasing Photos hailstorms tornadoes supercell supercells Australia Australian Severe Weather
Storm chasing chaser chasers stock photography storm Video Videos DVD DVDs movies movie footage storms Australian Severe Weather Photography over 27,000 photographs videos storm chasing storm chasers tornadoes hailstorms tropical cyclones observations latest satellite images weather maps bushfires bush wild fires
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Armageddon Online - Disaster News, Future Scenarios, Preparedness and Survival
Armageddon, End of the world scenarios, natural disasters and daily news!
Disaster News, Future Scenarios, Preparedness and Survival
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Range is a precision kitchen thermometer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, for grilling, roasting, candy making and homebrewing. Twine is a Wi-Fi sensor block that detects changes in temperature, vibration, floods, leaks opened doors, and signals from your other home systems.
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India Environment Portal | News, reports, documents, blogs, data, analysis on environment & development | India, South Asia
Environment News, Reports, Government Documents, Court Cases, Policy Papers, Data, Statistics, presentations, reviews, Press releases, Opinions and Analysis & more from India and South Asia.
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Award-winning news and multimedia production company
Independent Television News
Award-winning news and multimedia production company.
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Valhalla Coin
Valhalla is a blockchain powered marketplace that enables Human Disaster Recovery. We are focused on easing human suffering when disasters strike. We get you out, keep you safe and let you rebuild your life.
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Breaking News, U.S., World, Entertainment & Video News
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artsyHANDS runs on the powerful thoughts, rarely life-changing personal experiences, impregnable opinions and mostly run-of-the-mill lives of Waisybabu and his highly irregular cousins: Waisybabu, DuckZilla, WillDriver, Biatch, RhynoX, Shanipani and ChaiMakr – the artsyHANDS team.
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India Environment Portal | News, reports, documents, blogs, data, analysis on environment & development | India, South Asia
Environment News, Reports, Government Documents, Court Cases, Policy Papers, Data, Statistics, presentations, reviews, Press releases, Opinions and Analysis & more from India and South Asia.
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Water Dryout, Mold Removal, Home Dryout - Drynamic Solutions - A Healthier Solution
Flyin Bryan of Drynamic Solutions helps clean up water in your home or office. This includes; Removal of Property, Water Extraction, Deodorizing, Mold Removal and Prevention, Complete Property Restoration, Assessing Flood Damage, Direct Billing to Insurance, Drying and Dehumidifying from Moisture Damage, Removal of Property and Storage, Complete Sanitation Work. A do it yourself person may attempt it. But leave it to a professional. Insurance won't cover the mold growth if you dont do it properly.
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WaSiM-ETH is a physically based catchment model for investigating the spatial and temporal variability of hydrological processes in complex river basins at a wide range of scales (from lysimeter sites to macroscale river basins). WaSiM allows both short-term (flood runoff) and long-term (water balance) simulations. WaSiM can simulate processes related to soil moisture, snow and glacier hydrology, flood forecasting, climate change impact, irrigation, drainage and salinity management.
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CBM UK | the overseas disability charity - Haiti 1 year on
CBM, the overseas disability charity, helped 23,733,094 people with disability or at risk of disability in 2009.
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SAMAA provides unbiased coverage, journalistic insight on local & global socio political events and films via free live video streaming
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Backflow preventers and waste backwater valves by Peterson Valve are rated number one. Watch the movies, see testimonials and learn how sewers and drains work. Learn about health hazards in sewage backup and basement sewer flooding.
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GUJARAT GUARDIAN :: Morning Daily || Voice of the People || Western India Media Pvt. Ltd. || Gujarati E-Paper
Mission: A vision to create a society ready for TRUTH, JUSTICE and KNOWLEDGE. Description: Gujarat Guardian is the demand of conventional people, especially youth to connect with print-media. The society and the polity need a healthy media that can effectively fight the malice prevalent in both. It took us almost a year to put together the required resources, technologies and appropriate man power to give to the society the kind of media they require. Hence, “Gujarat Guardian” (daily) is the result. It aims to provide aggressive critical angles against the evil elements operating in our society, politics, police force, education, etc. It aims to achieve in reader friendly fashion. It will be hard reading for culprits but it will make an interesting reading for the abundant in people who will opt to read it, day in and day out. address: Guardian House, Udhna Darwaja, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395 002, contact on 0261-4010203, Launched on July 16, 2012
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Magazine regularly containing contributions from leading international, national and regional experts from the environment, conservation, policy and green economy sectors
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Born Ready Games
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We Prepare Home
Home of We Prepare, a Site designed to promote the culture of self-preservation and self-preparedness in the case of natural disasters or a man-made catastrophe in an increasingly unstable sociopolitical environment.
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Welcome to EnviroSolutions.com
Ireland's foremost website dedicated to every aspect of environmental management and energy efficiency at industrial, commercial and municipal levels.
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Welcome Page
Welcome Page
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Survivalist Digest
Survivalist Digest
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Local Authority News - Positive Coverage of Positive Achievements
Local Authority News Ireland's longest established (1985) Hard copy and Online Management Publication with its website dedicated to all senior executives in Central and Local Government in Ireland.
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The Disaster Recovery Hour with Chris Plunkett Preparedness and Recovery
The radio show about disaster before and after. Preparedness and recovery.
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Klima27 Climate protection in peace worldwide
Peace and climate change are the big issues of our time. On this page we give you the opportunity to actively participate in the development of peace and the protection of our climate. The protection of the climate plays a big role in the development of peace. Only by helping to protect our climate and actively engage in peace will we find peace on earth.
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Victoria State Emergency Service: Chelsea Unit
Victoria State Emergency Service Chelsea Unit
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The Paramedics of Property Damage Puroclean provides water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, soot, odor, trauma, flood, sewage, Mold Removal, Fire Damage, Water Damage, Deodorization, carpet restoration, insurance in Denver, CO, Colorado.
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