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OpenDNS, LLC was a cybersecurity company that provided cloud-delivered security solutions, including DNS (Domain Name System) services and content filtering. Founded in 2006 by David Ulevitch, OpenDNS aimed to enhance internet security and protect users from various online threats.

Key Services and Solutions:

  • DNS Services: OpenDNS offered DNS resolution services that focused on security and performance, helping users access websites while mitigating potential threats.
  • Content Filtering: The company provided content filtering solutions that allowed organizations and individuals to control and restrict internet access based on predefined categories and security rules.
  • Security Solutions: OpenDNS offered protection against malware, phishing attacks, and other online threats by blocking access to malicious websites and identifying suspicious activities.
  • Threat Intelligence: The platform provided threat intelligence data to help organizations stay informed about emerging cybersecurity threats.

Acquisition by Cisco:

In 2015, OpenDNS was acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. The acquisition allowed Cisco to enhance its cybersecurity portfolio by integrating OpenDNS's expertise in DNS security and content filtering.

Did You Know? OpenDNS was known for its consumer-focused service called "OpenDNS Home," which provided free and customizable DNS services to improve internet safety for individuals and families.

While OpenDNS, LLC no longer operates as an independent entity, its focus on DNS security and cybersecurity innovations contributed to its impact on internet safety and its role in advancing online protection measures.

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Offers comprehensive programs of undergraduate and graduate liberal arts study as well as degree programs in medicine, law, engineering, education, business/public management and international affairs.
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The centralised registration service for e-Government services in the UK. Registering with the Government Gateway enables you to sign up for any of the UK Government's services that are available over the Internet.
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Japan's primary public broadcasting source. [English/Japanese]
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One of the universities in Ohio. Site offers material of interest to current and future students.
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Reach the right audiences through our extensive network of partner sites.
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Online recruitment service for the NHS. Provides an employers' list of vacancies and invites jobseekers to register.
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Apply for admission to any public university in Texas.
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Describes the history, organization and activities of the Agency. [several languages]
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Cloud Delivered Enterprise Security by OpenDNS
Free to access DNS servers which attempt to detect phishing scams that are often times linked to from within unsolicited emails.Predict and prevent attacks before they happen using our cloud-delivered enterprise security service. Protect any device, anywhere with OpenDNS.
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Preprint Manager User “What used to take hours of time and hundreds of dollars, now takes a couple of clicks of the mouse and virtually no money” ... We handle our journals rather individually to the benefit of authors, referees and editors and, therefore, particularly appreciate the capability in Editorial Manager allowing us to configure all these conditions ourselves within the system exactly according to our requirements.” ... I cannot imagine ever going back to the days before EM! ...
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Includes information about MBA, PhD, and continuing education programs.
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A management consulting firm specializing in human resources solutions including outsourcing, strategy, technology, organizational change, retirement, ERISA, talent and reward strategies.
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NAVITIME is a solution for true navigation. It keeps maps and time tables from around the world at hand at all times, instantly displaying your optimum total travel time whenever you set a destination, using any combination of means of travel you like – including train, airplane, bus, car, and walking. And NAVITIME is not just a guide for human travel: NAVITIME will make it possible to instantaneously calculate the time required for all sorts of travel, including goods and information.
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Complete directory of information on administration, academic opportunities, Indians sports, and student activities in Jonesboro, AR. Guides for current and future students available.
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