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SoftLayer Technologies Inc. was a Dallas-based company that provided cloud infrastructure and hosting services. Founded in 2005 by Lance Crosby, SoftLayer gained a reputation for its high-performance, on-demand cloud computing solutions. In 2013, IBM acquired SoftLayer and integrated its services into the IBM Cloud brand.

Key Services and Features:

  • Cloud Computing: SoftLayer offered a range of cloud computing solutions, including virtual servers, bare metal servers, and scalable storage options.
  • Bare Metal Servers: The company provided dedicated bare metal servers, allowing users to have full control over hardware resources.
  • Virtualization: SoftLayer's virtual servers enabled users to create and manage virtual instances for various applications.
  • Networking: The platform provided networking services, including load balancers, firewalls, and global content delivery.
  • Managed Services: SoftLayer offered managed services to assist customers with server management and maintenance tasks.

Integration with IBM Cloud:

After IBM's acquisition of SoftLayer, the services were integrated into the IBM Cloud portfolio. The acquisition bolstered IBM's cloud capabilities and allowed it to compete more effectively with other major cloud providers.

Did You Know? The acquisition of SoftLayer was a crucial step in IBM's strategy to expand its cloud offerings and become a significant player in the cloud computing industry.

SoftLayer Technologies Inc.'s expertise in cloud infrastructure played a pivotal role in shaping the cloud services landscape and contributed to IBM's evolution as a comprehensive cloud solutions provider.

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