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Aruba S.p.A. is an Italian company that provides a range of web hosting, cloud, and data center services. Founded in 1994 by Stefano Cecconi, Aruba has grown to become one of the largest web hosting providers in Europe, offering services to individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking to establish and manage their online presence.

Key Services and Offerings:

  • Web Hosting: Aruba offers various web hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.
  • Domain Services: The company provides domain registration, management, and additional domain-related features.
  • Cloud Services: Aruba offers cloud infrastructure services, allowing users to deploy and manage applications and resources in the cloud.
  • Data Center Services: Aruba operates data centers that provide colocation, dedicated servers, and other data center-related solutions.
  • Email Services: The platform offers email hosting solutions, allowing users to set up professional email accounts associated with their domains.

European Presence:

Aruba's services extend beyond Italy to other parts of Europe, catering to a diverse customer base seeking reliable hosting and cloud solutions for their digital needs.

Did You Know? Aruba's name is inspired by the Italian island of Aruba and represents the company's aspiration to be a "paradise" for its customers' online endeavors.

Overall, Aruba S.p.A.'s range of hosting, cloud, and data center services contribute to supporting businesses and individuals in their online ventures across Europe and beyond.

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Ugopiadi - Le Olimpiadi del cane carlino
Le Ugopiadi sono le spettacolari e divertenti Olimpiadi del cane carlino giunte alla 16ª edizione.
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n/a 13.20 n/a - Cicloturismo e ciclismo urbano
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Live a dream, make a change - CharityStars
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Punto Persiane è il primo produttore di sistemi oscuranti in alluminio
Punto Persiane è il primo produttore di sistemi oscuranti in alluminio che offre ai propri partner continua ricerca di soluzioni innovative, sviluppando nuove tecnologie legate al prodotto, grazie alle quali potranno differenziarsi nel mercato di riferimento.
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Stasera in TV - Stasera in Televisione - Oggi in TV
Stasera In TV, la Tua Guida TV semplice e veloce con approfondimenti sui programmi televisivi, schede dei film e trailers
40.68 5.50 05:35
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